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littlefoot's purpose is to help fight climate emergency.


each garment carries an environmental message which helps spread the word about climate issues. this year we contribute to help sustain ocean habitats.


each sale financially contributes towards healthier oceans and helps fight illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing

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sustainable fashion made of natural materials 

Littlefoot story starts from linen grown in europe that turns into a timeless pieces of clothing. All of the designs are inspired by nature that surrounds us.

we only use sustainable and recycled materials for our packaging and any extra gifts that come with the order.

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Man with Down Syndrome Playing Violin
Littlefoot Fashion supports people with disabilities
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hand made by people with (dis)ability and talent 

As an employer, we value equality and diversity and believe each human being is talented and gifted in different ways. that is what makes us all unique. we believe that each business strives in a diverse environment.

each garment has a touch of extraordinary people. They decorate the clothing the way they see environmental problems. authentic hand made art message is made with love.  upon buying littlefoot garment, you support people with (dis)ability and help us integrate them into our society and workplace. 

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