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#insearchofnatural Walking down the pre-pandemic London Oxford Street I was looking for the dress which had a story and is made of only natural materials. So much for the fast fashion. Stylish mannequins at shop windows were flirting with me while my inner voice was in a constant battle. #summerseasonsalelandfill It got me wandering ‘How many of the garments end up in a waste landfill after the season?’. I do believe though that one day we will get the slow fashion shops over here on the Oxford Street to prove that emotional buying does more harm than good, and that clothes can be made of natural or recycled materials. We can take small steps to help our planet survive. #hometownmagic In the midst of pandemic, the decision to travel back to the Baltics and stay for a couple of months in the country where I grew up has suddenly got extended. Not a surprise that our dear Friend Corona decided to stay for a bit longer. I found myself wondering the streets of my small hometown and enjoying the small city life. Lakes, rivers, fresh air, and the view of cheeky Mr Wind tickling the top of wheat-crops brought back the memories of old linen fields and the centuries lasting traditions. #themostexpensivevintageclothingline In the end of the summer, I was still there, wandering the streets of my hometown when I passed the old linen production mill. That huge building gave me the sense of déjà vu again. It reminded me of my grandma and my carefree adventurous childhood. My grandma had this special love for the nature and the natural materials. It’s hardly found these days. Most of her clothes are now in my wardrobe as the most expensive vintage collection. Never changing, timeless and priceless. No money could buy the nostalgic memories. #linenmill

Littlefoot Fashion- only natural linen clothes

I was standing in front of this huge old linen mill that was no longer serving its purpose and had no linen adverts any more. I felt like time machine is taking me back to my memories which date back to 20 years ago of the day when I visited this factory. It had a special linen smell. My eyes were savouring the views of long rolls of natural linen material. Even though in 20 years most of the memories faded away, but I still remember the stories my grandma used to tell me. She was a flax production manager at that huge Linen Mill I was standing in front. I used to ask her about linen production and enjoyed seeing her longing blue eyes diving deep into her memories of 30 years of experience working with linen.

Littlefoot fashion- only natural linen clothing

#balticlinen Growing linen flax and producing linen material used to be a prestige business in the Baltic countries back in the day. Today the old linen factory that I was standing in front of had been bankrupt for over 11 years. Baltic countries can hardly offer the authentic Baltic linen these days. Blue linen fields remain only in the memories, inspiring stories, and pictures. #extraordinaryclothing

Littlefoot fashion- only natural linen clothing

Even though we do not grow flax anymore, we still pride ourselves in centuries lasting traditions, history, and timeless linen clothing designs. The Baltic nations have the extraordinary skills for linen harvesting and processing which are now portrayed in the extraordinary clothing we produce. Our aim today is to convey the feeling of elegance and prestige. The feeling we carry with the generations lasting traditions, love, and freedom from the linen fields.

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